• Acid Conversion and Acid Equivalent

    Determine percent by weight for sulphuric and hydrochloric acid. Convert iron titration amounts to amount of acid consumed to form iron.

      Enter number to Convert    
      Sulfuric %/wt = %/Vol   Sulfuric %/Vol = %/Wt.    
      HCl %/wt is X% of pickle tank volume ACID: WATER      
      22 Be % 22 Be Ratio HCL 1:   35.21  
      20 Be % 20 Be Ratio HCL 1:   31.45  
      18 Be % 18 Be Ratio HCL 1:    
      Enter Acid and Iron titration to determine NET acid added to pickle.    
      Converts iron titration to amount of acid consumed forming that iron.    
      Acid%   Iron as Fe%        
      Sulfuric Acid Equivalent    
      %/wt   %/Vol        
      HCl Acid Equivalent